"In traditional Yankton Sioux culture, everyone had a niche, a role. One of the roles of the women who were part of the Brave Hearts was to retrieve the dead and wounded from the battlefield and help the families. In a way we are doing the same thing today with the modern day Brave Hearts- bringing back our people from emotional death.”

-Faith Spotted Eagle

Being brave is not easy. Especially if you have been broken mentally. Mental core is extremely difficult to rebuild on your own, so we at Braveheart Society are ready to provide you with the very support that everyone so desperately needs.

You can take your mind off negative thoughts with the help of PinUp. This is a site that features special games. In them, you will be able to feel who you want to be. And this will distract you from the pain in your heart and problems in life.


ISNATI - Coming of Age Camps


Lightning Sticks -

Intertribal Lacrosse Team


Nagi Kicopi - “Calling Back the Spirit” Healing Retreat


Cante Waste Woju—“Good Heart” Garden- 3 acre commmunity garden


Waterlily Storytelling Institute


Dakota Language Nest

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